Based in Savannah, Georgia, our objective is a child-focused approach to childhood learning.


Each child is unique in the way they learn and grow. We approach childcare and early childhood education with the whole child approach


Our curriculum focuses on the ages and stages of early childhood development. Helping to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills

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A Nu Beginning Childcare Center & Learning Academy provides high-quality care & education programs. We partner with families to help all children become independent, socially competent, and inquisitive learners throughout life.
At Nu Beginning Childcare Center & Learning Academy, we understand that children are only young once, and we have dedicated ourselves to making childhood the most enriching experience possible.

Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, and caring environment that will stimulate physical and intellectual development in your child.

A Nu Beginning is Licensed to serve fifty (50) children from eighteen month old to twelve years of age. This includes Before & After Care program. We have an open door policy for parents to join us and participate in day to day activities and special events.


We are committed to providing a highly structured environment and services intended to address the basic social and behavioral needs of each student in order to promote better quality of life.

Our after school services include: Crisis Intervention, Crisis Management, Conflict Resolution, Time Management and Skill Building.

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Our Curricullum Programs

All our kids fits into respective program based on age. Each program has its own Creative Curriculum that help develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills..

Toddler Program

Age Range:  18 months – 3 years

PreSchool Program

Age Range:  3 – 4 years

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Age Range:  4 – 5 years


Below are some of the numerous reasons why A Nu Beginning Childcare Center and Learning Academy has become top choice for parents in Savannah.

Expert Teachers

All our teachers are qualified professionals with multiple years of teaching experience.

Multimedia Class

Our classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching aids with leverage on modern technologies.

Extended Hours

We know most parents has busy schedules hence our hours of operation is extensive to accomodate these prolonged schedules.

Maximum Security

Our center is duely fitted with security gadgets. We also CCTV installed for 24/7 Surveillance

Purposeful Play

Here, children play, create and experiment. Our approach is based on the proven concept that children learn through hands-on discovery.

Music and Arts Class

We expose our pupils to the latest trends in music and arts. We teach with up-to-date curriculum.


We are following the strict sanitizing and attendance guidelines from health and human services. Call today for details: (912) 228-8113.

Yes! We’re Open and Accepting New Enrollment for All Children. JOIN US TODAY!